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a series of pleasant thoughts about something you would prefer to be doing or something you would like to achieve in the future

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About us

An attitude we nurture is: “Tailored to your needs.”

At DayDreamers we do things differently:

  • We are a BPO skipper and host company nurturing a custom-built approach towards our crew as well as our partners.
  • Our belief is that the best experience is achievable only when all the dots in the process are connected.
  • With that mentioned, the core values of our partners are of high importance to us and so is providing the best possible development environment on both sides.


Become a part of a fully integrated, educated, and dedicated team of professionals.

  • Experience an efficient booking process with continuous back office support.
  • The payment process is clean, transparent, and a “no brainer” for you as our skipper or host crew member.
  • With our partners, primary or additional education won’t ever be a problem.

Enthusiasts, passionate people of the sea, team players, and those who always move forward are the people we search for.

Be one of them.




Your imagination is only an inspiration to us.


As long as the information flow is timely, we are as flexible as the ocean.


The ratio of the useful work developing the process with every step, with a total minimum of your energy and patience being taken.


We know you need us to be trustworthy with constant quality performance. And we accept no less from ourselves.


 Aim, goal, and target. And working every day on it.

The team

Damjan Moškatelo

Business development manager

Get’s shi* (not ship) done.

Patrick ćibarić


Doesn’t speak much, but his silence says a lot.

MAX žagar


Energy level? His name says it all.



“We are very pleased with our skipper Ivan. He made it a point to show us many locations which was important, despite the poor sailing weather. Very professional and we would recommend him to anyone.”


“A very special thanks goes to our provided skipper Leo. The added value of a native skipper is severely underestimated and that’s what I came to realize with Leo: he was simply great! As a skipper he exceeded by far all of my expectations and made our holiday unforgettable. Thanks again Leo!”


“Borna was an exceptional Skipper who made our holiday truly amazing! He was a pleasure to be around and always happy to help.”


“Can’t say enough good things about Antonio. Great guy, great skipper, and a great friend to us all. Thank you.”


“The cooperation between DayDreamers and Croatia Sailing Academy has been going on for the last two years and has been excellent from the very beginning. Every agreement was honored within the set timeframes, and all payments were always on time. More importantly, during the period of cooperation, we have become more than just business partners. We will certainly continue our cooperation in the future.”

– Toni Brkić, CEO at Croatia Sailing Academy

“A great team, fantastic to work with considering all the elements that one professional skipper and freelancer can wish for.  Logistics, operations, back-office support, and payments, all set and functioning flawlessly.”

– Saša Drobac, Professional Skipper

“Extremely pleasant group of people to work with. Sociable, good communication, and professionalism.”

– Ivan Benić, Professional Skipper

“From a booking agency perspective, we are happy to have a partner like DayDreamers. Their hands-on approach and the ability to find a solution in any needed situation is something we extremely value and plan to keep in the future.”

– Benita Greine, After Sales & Partnership Manager at Zizoo

The Day Dreamers brand is represented by:

THE CREW d.o.o.
Papučka ulica 5, 10000 Zagreb,
OIB: 02936020615,
Directors: Patrick Ćibarić, Maksimilijan Žagar

THE CREW d.o.o. is a company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Croatia.



phone: +385 91 457 0061 (Damjan)